Aerial Dance

Classes commence with a warm up posture and elasticity exercises. This leads the way to physical preparation, where resistance, dynamics and agility are trained and developed, followed by work on the cloths by means preparation exercises and choreographic elements.   Methodology The best way to learn and understand  aerial dance is trough being in contact with it right from the start, this is why the student starts to learn tricks, figures  and technique within the framework of the first class.   Benefits  •    Great strength gets developed in all major muscular groups. •    Physical flexibility augments. •    Improves coordination, agility and corporal expression. •    Works with self confidence and self worth. •    Develops creativity and contributes to a better handle on sensory awareness.

Instructor: Mónica Luna

Graduate of contemporary dance and classical ballet in 2002 at the castella conservatory. Also a Hatha yoga certified teacher. “I am a ballerina of contemporary dance and African dance. I have taken part in aerial dance studies since 2005. AERIAL DANCE.”